Sudamericana: Beach House

Sudamericana: Beach House

Sudamericana: beach house

Best Pan-Latin Club Night – Best of LA – LA Weekly (2017)

L.A.'s Most Freewheeling Latin Dance Party – LA Weekly

Sudamericana is a sexy upscale Latin and rhythm dance party with a steady crowd of 350-400. We’ve had Latino celebrities such as Victor Ortiz (boxer), Yasiel Puig (LA Dodgers), Nacho Serricchio (Bones, Zoe Ever After), Vanessa Vasquez, Jes Meza & Vivian Lamolli (East Los High), Yara Martinez (The Tick, Jane the Virgin), RaqC, Pili Montilla, Dennis Pastorizo, Vivianne Ligarde (TV/radio personalities), Mayor Villaraigosa, etc. We have a steady crowd of actors, models and artists come through and party with us every event. 

We play everything Latin, Reggae, Hip Hop and House and host an array of live performances from dancers to performances.